Do Mi Sol Kids!


It is never too early to start music education of your children. The sooner you start, the better the outcome. Just like children learn how to speak by listening to their parents talk, interacting in an environment of melody, rhythm, and dance, will soon unleash their urge for singing, imitating beats and dance movements.

Clearly, a 45-minute class once a week isn’t enough to form a rich and lasting musical environment for your child. That is why the parents can recreate the atmosphere of the class by playing CDs we distribute at the beginning of each semester.

We dedicate our endless enthusiasm and energy to make our classes interesting for everybody - from infants to parents. Toddlers learn through play, they enjoy playing instruments, singing, dancing. Babies look up to toddlers, trying to imitate. 2-3 year-olds tend to interact with the teachers and other children, 4-year-olds like leading by playing the teacher’s role. Even the parents enjoy their time during the class, because here they can be a part of their favorite music.

In our music classes you can hear music of any style: Classical, Jazz, Folk, even Rock, originating from different countries. Only in our class your child can learn solfege – to name the notes and eventually develop perfect pitch. It shouldn’t worry you if your child is super-active or just sits quietly in the corner. Even by doing so he or she is looking, listening, learning by absorbing the music.